The Department of Business Administration held a panel discussion entitled (Utilizing Contradictory Leadership Behaviors to Enhance Sustainable Organizational Performance: The Mediating Role of Strategic Agility), in which the doctoral student in postgraduate studies, researcher Muhammad Yahya Hassan, lectured.

The seminar aims to explore the role of contradictory leadership behaviors in their dimensions (treating subordinates uniformly while allowing for individual considerations, combining self-concern with concern for others, retaining decision-making authority while granting independence, imposing and enforcing work requirements while allowing flexibility, and maintaining balanced boundaries in the relationship with employees. ) as an independent variable in enhancing sustainable organizational performance in its dimensions (environmental performance, economic performance, and social performance) as a dependent variable through the mediating role of strategic agility as a mediating variable in its dimensions (strategic sensitivity, strategic responsiveness, and strategic learning).

The seminar presented a number of recommendations related to its topic, including the necessity of investing in strategic agility and its dimensions in enhancing sustainable organizational performance by leaders in private universities and colleges.

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